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Sacramento Auto Repair

On-Time - With Your Budget In Mind.

Automotive Care and Repair has changed dramatically over the past decade. The technology inside recently manufactured vehicles is drastically greater that those of the past. We now have Hybrid cars, Active Management engines, alternative fuel engines and hundreds of computer chips to monitor and control all of the new equipment and features that come standard in many vehicles. The days of popping up the hood on your car and trying to perform service or repairs on your own are likely at an end. No worries....the technicians at Folsom Chevrolet receive on going training on the latest in car repair technology, so you don't have to.

At Folsom Chevrolet, our goal is simple:
Provide quality affordable repair work on time....every time.

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Maintenance Repair Sacramento California

Service included, but not limited to:

* Alignments
* Brakes
* Cooling Systems
* Engine Diagnostics
* Exhaust
* Preventative Maintenance
* Starters & Alternators
* Steering and Suspension
* Tires and Rotation


Why Do I Need A Certified Mechanic
To Repair My Car?

You have an substantial investment to protect! Why risk having your car repair work performed by technicians that are not certified or have little to no experience to save a few extra dollars. Would you let a buddy handle your finances because he can do it cheaper than your broker or have a "doctor in training" perform your surgery to save money? At Folsom Chevrolet, all of our service technicians have extensive training and are certified to ensure your auto repairs are completed correctly and on time. We are also extremely price competitive and offer free local shuttle service and free wireless access while you wait. Visit our Coupons and Specials to save even more today!


“I just wanted to let the management at Folsom Chevy and all their employees and customers know that they have an asset and an ally in the customer service department in Chad (I wish I could recall his last name, and I don't have his card here) at the service department. Just before I was set to deploy I was having my header and down pipe replaced because the folks that installed it prior did a horrendous job. Chad immediately noticed how bad the original job was done and without hesitating asked me who had done it and called them right up. After the header and down pipe were replaced correctly, the exhaust no longer was aligned right. Chad, unwilling to accept this, was able to get the shop that incorrectly installed my stuff in the first place to correct the exhaust misalignment for free. All of this without any pushing from me. He knew what had to be done to make things right and did it. All the while keeping me informed of what was going on almost hourly. All of that would have been very stressful to take on myself with having to potentially leave a non-functional car with my fiancée as I flew here. He lifted a great weight off my shoulders and reaffirmed why we only use Folsom Chevy. Because of Chad and the other folks we've met there, we will always shop at, get service at, and recommend Folsom Chevy. BTW, we live in Roseville (3 miles from John Sullivan Chevy and 30-45 minutes from Folsom Chevy) but don't mind the drive--$4 gas or not! Thanks Chad, and sorry again for this being so late. ”
                                                   -Bryan Eck

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Conveniently located off Highway 50 in the Folsom Auto Mall
Proudly serving Folsom, Roseville, Elk Grove and the Greater Sacramento area for over 10 years.

12655 Auto Mall Circle, Folsom CA, 95630  ~  Phone (916) 985-5600



Auto Repair Sacramento .com is exclusively controlled and operated by Folsom Chevrolet. Our auto repair shop and service center has been proudly serving Folsom, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville and the greater Sacramento area for over 1o years. Located off Highway 50 in the Folsom Auto Mall.
12655 Auto Mall Circle, Folsom CA, 95630  Phone (916) 985-5600 

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